Stowe Hammarberg

I'm Stowe, a designer specializing in the third dimension. I recently completed my industrial design major and engineering studies minor at Carnegie Mellon University. I am a hands-on and methodical innovator, problem-solver, and workaholic.


I believe in the ability of products to build a deep connection with their users, and I try to reflect this through designed objects that are tactile, robust, and functionally and physically beautiful. I have had the opportunity to work on many interdisciplinary teams over the past few years, and I find that the best designs come about when designers and engineers work together to create seamless experiences.


For fun, I compulsively build, modify, disassemble, and fiddle with things; from furniture and personal sundries, to the mechanical bits of my bicycles. I have also been an avid competitive fencer for many years and a coach more recently.

Thanks for looking and feel free to get in touch!


(973) 270-3855

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