Stowe Hammarberg

Axis is a highly customizable modular workspace organization system. Axis is specifically designed to hold all common desktop tools and keep them compact, organized, and attractively displayed for the vast majority of users at a low price.

In my research, I found that people tend to avoid most workspace organization systems because they simply cannot properly store the myriad tools and widgets on most desks.

I designed for the different shapes of objects instead of their functions, letting the user decide how to arrange them to best suit their needs.

3 - small

5 - flat

1 - tall

2 - sticks

4 - pinned

flipped container

removed container

inserted container

The containers would be manufactured using very inexpensive blow molding processes (the container models were vacuum-formed) and the rack would be made of a small number of plywood and steel parts that would be easy to mass manufacture and assemble.

Below is full documentation of my process, including user research, competitive analysis, sketching, modeling, and fabrication. [click-through]

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