Stowe Hammarberg

The interaction is meant to be equal parts intuitive and exploratory; mixing some familiar actions with unfamiliar forms. The shape is meant to be unlike anything else, not beholden to any existing paradigm of form, yet rooted in the functionality of the device

The Future Radio is a concept for a radically different approach to the visual and interaction design of an otherwise typical FM radio. Using the radio is an exploratory, sensory experience, with many different materials and methods involved in controlling it.

Stations are selected by placing one of the three "selector" pieces in the top. Varying lengths of conductive copper foil tell the radio which preset station has been chosen.


Volume is regulated by a capacitance-sensing circuit, and can be changed by moving the "control panel" closer or further from the radio, or by introducing any other electrically grounded objects to the electric field surrounding the device (hands, for example).

The station selector pieces double as reflectors to disperse the speaker's sound, and users can explore the ways the different materials (sandstone, plastic, and walnut) influence the sound the radio produces.

This project was an exercise in pushing the limits of my both my formgiving and crafting skills. The videos and images below take you through my design and fabrication process.

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