Stowe Hammarberg

Preserv is a high-tech system for monitoring stored food to reduce food waste and encourage healthy eating.

It consists of vacuum-sealed food storage pouches with a weight sensor, a smartphone app, and a vacuum pump/wireless  base station that connects the two.

The pouches are vacuum sealed to increase shelf life, and made of silicone for durability and ease of cleaning. Each contains passive RFID sensors, an emerging technology that uses radio-frequency signals to both power a sensor and read its data. Unlike other monitored food containers, this allows Preserv to monitor food weight and remaining shelf life without batteries.

The Preserv app tracks your pouches, notifies you when food is about to go bad, and can give you recipes based on the food you have in stock or create shopping lists based on what's available nearby.

Full documentation of my process, including user research, competitive analysis, sketching, and modeling.

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