Stowe Hammarberg

During summer 2015 I worked as the industrial designer at, a startup developing the hardware and software for a smart lock, which allows users to remotely control their deadbolt and grant scheduled access to others. Based on the control mechanism developed by a mechatronics engineer, I created a design for the enclosure, attachment methods, and battery access, as well as modifying the design for efficient injection molding.

A separate CAD model was built to 3D-print prototypes of the device for user testing and presentations.

All of the parts had to be changed somewhat to make injection molding possible, but some were able to be modified in such a way that they were moldable as one part instead of two, or (as is the case with the part below) were doable with a two-part mold instead of a multi-part design with complex shutoffs and side-action cams.

I used storyboards to show what the process of using the device and service should feel like, these will be used in the development of our Kickstarter campaign video.

Before settling on a design, I created pages of sketches and multiple CAD models and 3D-printed prototypes. We ultimately decided on one based on looks, tangible qualities, and manufacturability.

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