Stowe Hammarberg

* My team's client for this project is filing for a provisional patent and intends to develop our design further, therefore, some of the work done on this project is covered by a non-disclosure agreement. I will be happy to talk more in-depth in person.

Working with a team of engineering, science, and humanities students at Carnegie Mellon, I developed this articulating seat lift concept for a startup mobility company. The group was tasked with helping reduce the chronic back injuries common among nursing home aides, who often need to lift patients unaided after they use the toilet.

I was able to facilitate creative brainstorming sessions with team members who didn't consider themselves creative, use quick sketching to articulate my and my teammates' ideas, and utilize my familiarity with user research to help us gain insights from aides and therapists through interviews in the nursing home.

With our limited time and resources, we used some basic human factors observation and engineering analysis to determine the necessary dimensions, tolerances, and durability for our mechanism.

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