I built this outdoor loveseat and daybed to help me more fully enjoy time in my backyard. 
I had two goals: First, I was aware of the challenge of moving larger pieces of furniture, and I was limited to the space of my walk-in closet to craft it, so I designed it to be extremely lightweight, movable by one person, and exist in parts that pack down to 1/4 the volume of the assembled piece. Second, it encourages both social and individual activities; it has ample space for two to sit and an open end for a tray of food and drink, but also allows for someone 6'+ to stretch out and read or nap.
Being built in my apartment during COVID lockdown, his piece was further influenced by my limitations in space, using solely hand tools, and with lumber I could carry myself.
Made from cedar finished with tung oil, OTS cushions, and black-oxide hardware.
Below is a timelapse of the assembly process from its packed-up state:
After some basic sketches, I let the strict material limitations I had guide me through the detailing process in SolidWorks, and confirmed the look through renderings in Blender:
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